AARON YOO | Ben : Aaron first made waves in his breakout role in "Disturbia" opposite Shia Lebeouf. His next roles in the films "21" and "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" further solidified his place in the industry. He was most recently seen on CW's "The Tomorrow People". In his first role as a romantic lead, Aaron plays Ben, the main protagonist in "Everything Before Us." His previous relationship with Sara must be revisited because of the DEI, his struggle with letting go of the past affects everyone and everything around him.
BRITTANY ISHIBASHI | Sara : Brittany has far too many accolades and credits to list. Featured in countless television programs ("Emily Owen's MD", "Political Animals"), she clearly stood out to Wong Fu Productions early in the casting process. She was recently announced to play Karai in the upcoming "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" sequel. As Sara, Brittany represents a maturity when compared to the high school couple of Haley and Seth. Having already experienced a relationship with Ben, she's jaded, but still vulnerable– qualities everyone in and out of love will relate to.
BRANDON SOO HOO | Seth : Brandon has been part of the film industry from a very young age. After a major role as the villain Tran in "Tropic Thunder", Brandon continued in major films like "Ender's Game" and "GI Joe." He's worked heavily in TV as well, on Nickelodeon's "Supah Ninjas" and can now be seen on the SyFy show "From Dusk Til Dawn." In "Everything Before Us" Brandon plays Seth, Haley's high school boyfriend, who must learn how to make a long distance relationship work. His youthful outlook on their relationship is stubbornly hopeful.
VICTORIA PARK | Haley : After a variety of roles on television such as "The Middle", "Revenge", and "Bunheads", Victoria makes her feature film debut in Wong Fu's feature film. As one of the leads, Haley represents the innocence and fragility of young love in her quickly evolving relationship with Seth. After graduating and registering their relationship at a relatively young age, the two must learn to deal with their changing lives and hearts.
RANDALL PARK | Randall : Randall was thrusted into the global spotlight when his role playing Kim Jong Un in the satirical comedy "The Interview" came under threats from the dictator himself. Not long after, he made history again in the ABC comedy "Fresh Off the Boat", the first Asian American family comedy in 20 years. But Randall has been making consistent waves with memorable roles in "Veep", "Larry Crowne", "The Mindy Project", among countless other credits. In "Everything Before Us", Randall plays a diligent agent of the Department of Integrity. With logic and rationality as his guiding ideals in examining complicated couples' relationships, Randall fully believes in the system.
JOANNA SOTOMURA | Anna : Joanna first came to Wong Fu Productions' attention through her digital short projects with Corridor Digital and the Pemberly Digital series "Emma Approved." She's also known for her role as the Duchess of Kart in the hit series "Video Game High School." As Anna, Ben's new love interest, she challenges Ben's conscience to stay faithful while he reconnects with Sara.
CHRIS RIEDELL | Henry : Not only is Chris an incredibly talented actor, he is also an accomplished director. Along with his brother, the two directed the digital hit film "Camp Takota" which starred some of YouTube's most prominent personalities. They just wrapped their second feature "Bad Night" which also stars an ensemble of widely popular social stars. In "Everything Before Us" Chris plays Henry, Ben's best friend who only wants the best for him. His ideals side heavily with the DEI which come out in some very humorous and naive ways.
KI HONG LEE | Jay : For several years Ki Hong has been a good friend of Wong Fu Productions, starring in many short films gaining over 10 million views cumulatively. During this time, he landed his biggest role yet, as Minho in the global action flick, "The Maze Runner." Currently, he can be seen on the Netflix original comedy "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and later this Fall in the "Maze Runner" follow-up, "The Scorch Trials. In Wong Fu's film, Ki Hong plays Jay, a TA at Haley's university. His intentions are unclear to both Seth and Haley and thus represents the challenges in the changing lives of the young couple.